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Wanting to create a new website Wanting to move your existing site to Wix Or want to improve your current website

If you are:

We know Wix like the back of our hands, and we’re here to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your Wix membership.

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Perfect for the DIY crowd

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So, how can we help with your Wix website?

Wix website rebuilds and revisions

Sometimes things just get a little stale. You want to freshen things up from time to time, and your website is the perfect place to start. Whether you want a few changes or a full-blown rebrand and rebuild, we’ve got your back.

Just feeling a bit meh? You might be interested in our…

Partial Wix Website Revisions

A partial website revision means retaining some elements of your current website, and bringing some life to the things that aren’t working. You may only need a content rewrite, or some fresh graphics.

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Full Website Builds and Rebuilds

his is where we’ll take it to the next level. A full website rebuild means a complete and unrelenting revision of every element of your website, from start to finish. 


This includes, but is not limited to:


Brand identity 

Website design and layout

Brand design: logo, graphics, imagery, fonts, colours, icons

Website platform and hosting



We’ll even help you launch or relaunch it. You can find out more about our full website services here.