We are experts on Wix Velo in New Zealand!

With this development environment, we can create a full-stack application with code, going beyond Wix’s standard functionalities, allowing you to have a unique website that fits your needs.

Developing an entirely new and customized system, used to be an extremely long and expensive project. But now, thanks to Wix Velo, our team can develop the website of your dreams, from an enterprise-level eCommerce website to a social network or API.

Wix’s Velo development platform empowers us to create completely ambitious and original features for our customers!

Do you need to have powerful dynamic database management? Or a World-Class customizable Business App?

You name it, you got it!

With Velo, you get access to an open platform that combines an intuitive visual authoring environment with its own IDE (Integrated Development Environment), serverless Node.js, integrated databases, and much more! And all of this is protected by a backup copy in the Wix Cloud.

Hire us as your Wix Velo developers now!

Custom Coding

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