Wix Website Support and Builds

YourWeb is the #1 Wix partner agency in New Zealand. That means if you have a Wix website, you’ll be in great hands with our experts.

If you can imagine it, we can help you achieve it on Wix

Whether you’re a DIY kinda human and you want to learn more about managing your own site, or you’d like to hand over the reins, our friendly and capable professionals are here for you.


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Perfect for the DIY crowd

Wix Consulting and Training

Even if you want  someone else to build and manage your website, it always helps to know the basics. We love to empower our clients to have control over their own websites, so we offer one to one or group training sessions where we cover material that is relevant to you and your specific needs.

For expert website builds and development

Wix Website Builds and Revisions

Your website is a reflection of your business. Potential customers will make judgements about what their experience with you will be like based on your website, so why not give them the royal treatment? The Wix platform is friendly to both website owners and site visitors, and our experts can help with every aspect of your site build and development.

To create a unique customer experience

Customised Website Function on Wix

Website platforms can be frustrating. Wix Velo, is a built-in developer platform that enables your site developer to build bespoke, customized features into your website. It gives you more freedom, and it allows your customers to interact with your website in the ways you want them to.

For connection and support from other real humans

Join the Wix NZ Community

At YourWeb, we take our role as a Wix partner seriously, and we think it’s important to bring people together. We run and facilitate workshops, meetups and other events to bring Wix website owners together for support and networking. Join the community to accelerate your Wix journey, and make some friends along the way!

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