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With countless DIY website building platforms out there, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a pretty straightforward process. They sure do make it sound easy!


The reality is, you need a lot of skill sets on board to pull off a successful website. Do you want it to function properly? Perform well in searches? Look good? Make sense to your user? Actually generate business? Well, you’re going to need a web engineer, a designer, a content writer, maybe a photographer or videographer… it’s a lot to manage while you’re trying to run your own business, which may or may not have anything to do with websites.


Luckily, we’ve got experienced professionals right here, and we’ll bring them all together for you. We’ll also manage the process, saving you the frustrations and miscommunications that arise from assembling disconnected creatives and techies.

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Website Design and Development in New Zealand

Website Builds and Development

If you already have a website on Wix and want to freshen it up, or learn how to manage it yourself:

Website Design and Development in New Zealand

We’ll make it easy for you

Find it difficult to keep track of multiple estimates, so it’s hard to see how much all of these things are actually going to cost you? We’ll put it all on one page so that you can see what each service entails and what the total is going to be.


Our Experts Will:

Brand the Business

This includes:
  • Brand Identity document

  • Audience profiling and research

  • Logos, icons, fonts, and graphics

  • Website layout

Write the Content

This includes:
  • Website navigation

  • Audience-optimised copywriting of each page

  • Optional ongoing content support

Build the Website

This includes:
  • Website build

  • Website hosting

  • Email set-up

Optimise the Website

This includes:
  • Fundamental optimisation (SEO)

  • Title tags and meta-descriptions

  • Setup of Google Analytics and Google Search console

  • Setup and Optimisation of Google My Business

  • Sitemap submission

Website Design and Development in New Zealand

An attentive expert by your side from start to finish 

While we might put you in direct contact with our experts for smaller tasks, you’ll have one consultant managing the job from start to finish. They’ll know the ins and outs of your requirements, and keep you updated on where everything is at.

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Website Design and Development in New Zealand
Website Design and Development in New Zealand

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