Terms and Conditions

YourWeb offers a variety of services to improve the client’s online presence and visibility through Online Advertising and Marketing Services. By contracting us, you agree to the Terms of Service set forth below. If you have any questions regarding this document, please do not hesitate to contact us support@yourweb.co.nz


All quotes provided by the company are subject to sight of final material. If the client project changes after the commencement date of the project and goes outside the boundaries of the initial quotation, this may incur additional charges.

Changes requested by the client after the website home page design phase, website sub-page design phase and/or a website is set live can incur additional charges.

Regarding content population for both websites and print, we take your initial supplied text and imagery as official and correct and any alterations to this after the site has been populated can incur additional charges.

When requiring us to select stock photography we charge for image search time. If you do not end up using images from our selection, search time is still charged for.

Whilst a high degree of accuracy is applied in interpreting your brief for purposes of quoting, it must be accepted that there is a reasonable degree where written or verbal communication can be mis-construed. Based on this, the company have the right to requote for the client.



All projects completed by the company can and will be displayed on our print & online portfolio without prior consent from the client needed.


Cost Variation and Prices

Quotations are based on the costs prevailing at the time of quoting. The quoted price shall always be subject to amendment in recognition of the movements in these costs after quotation date.

Web 'development' hourly rate varies for website projects and amendments/updates.

Unless otherwise expressly stated, all prices shall be in New Zealand Dollars and shall be exclusive of GST and other duties. In the event that duties are introduced or changed after the conclusion of an Order, the Company shall be entitled to adjust the agreed prices accordingly.

The Client acknowledges that certain Services may involve the licensing of third party Intellectual Property Rights and that the Client may be required to enter into a license directly with such third party.  Unless otherwise expressly stated, all prices shall be exclusive of costs for the acquisition of Intellectual Property Rights for materials to be included in marketing materials, including if relevant (but without limitation) pictures and licenses from third party owners and licensors.

The price stated in the Order shall be an estimate based on a qualified estimate of the number of hours required to provide the Services.  This is an estimate only and Services shall be invoiced in accordance with the actual number of hours spent in accordance with the price set out in the Order or Quotation and in the event that the price is not so stipulated, the Client shall be charged at the hourly rate specified in the Company’s then current price list. the Company shall be obliged to update the estimate and budgets on an ongoing basis following, among other things, changes made to an Order.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that costing estimates are accurate, the Company reserves the right to amend any estimate, should an error or omission have been made.



Quotations shall be based on specifications supplied by the client at the time of quoting and any deviation from these specifications may result in additional charges.

Client's Corrections

Client's corrections on and after the first proof including alterations in style, shall be an additional charge.

Company’s Speculative Work

Ideas, concepts, sketches, dummies, designs (whether verbal or written) submitted by the company on a speculative basis will remain the property and no use shall be made nor any idea obtained therefrom be used, without the agreement of the company in writing.


Verbal Instructions

The company shall not be held liable for errors or omission arising from an oversight or misinterpretation of a client's verbal instructions.


Cancellation of Projects and Orders

Projects and orders shall not be cancelled except upon terms which compensate the company for all service and product expenses incurred and otherwise protect the company against loss of earnings and/or product recovery.



Any complaints for service or product must be made in writing or via email within 10 working days of receipt of product. Beyond this, no claim shall be recognized.

Invoices for Web Hosting & Domain Names are billed annually in advance & are non-refundable.

Domain names are automatically renewed every year unless instructed otherwise. If you wish to cancel a domain name, please advise YourWeb 3 months prior to the Domain Name's expiry date.


Payment Terms

Where projects require a 50% deposit prior to commencing work, the remaining 50% is due prior to printing a project or setting a website live.

For projects exceeding two months in length, progress payments are required to be settled on the due date of the invoice.

Unless prior arrangements have been agreed upon between the company and client, payment of the client's account is due in full, on or before the specified date on the invoice.

All international transfers, where transfer fees apply, are chargeable to the client and shall not be deducted from the any part of the quotation.

Late payments will be charged at an interest rate of 10% per month for each month and at any time over the due date for the total sum of the invoice and/or may result in loss of goods, deactivation of web site and/or loss of domain name.


Organic Services: All content and content linking created by Provider and residing on the Client’s website are considered owned by the Client if all Organic Services are paid in full.

Standard services such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, etc. utilized to manage organic deliveries will have administrative access transitioned to the Client.


Social Services: All content created by Provider and posted on the Client’s social pages are considered owned by the Client if all Social Services are paid in full. Standard social services such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. utilized to manage social deliveries will have administrative access transitioned back to Client.


Web Services: All content and content linking created by Provider and residing on the Client’s website are considered owned by the Client if all Web Services are paid in full, and the Initial Term of the Agreement has been met including Web Hosting and Maintenance requirements. The Client web site(s) hosted and maintained by Provider requires Web Hosting or Web Maintenance services to keep the web site active.


Paid Services: All advertising content created by Provider and posted for the Client is considered owned by the Client if all Paid Services are paid in full. Campaigns cannot be transitioned, but the data and configuration can be transitioned to the Client upon request by Client.

Free Wix/SEO Audit Campaign

The Free WIX/SEO Audit is available to new YourWeb’s potential customers. It won’t be available to former clients. 


The Free WIX/SEO Audit includes a set of recommendations and suggestions made by the YourWeb team and it’s up to the recipient to implement the updates suggested or hire YourWeb’s services to implement or book a paid-training session to do so.

Any service after the Free WIX/SEO Audit will be invoiceable since the Audit does not include further support on WIX, Digital Marketing or Google matters.

At YourWeb, we are a Wix Partner agency in New Zealand, therefore campaign is not offered by Wix directly, instead is locally offered in New Zealand by YourWeb.