How to Create a Sidebar Menu on Wix (No Coding)

Alternative Solution Using Lightboxes on Desktop version

Creating your website’s menu is quintessential since it is the map through all of your site and your clients need clarity about it. This is why you want to make it as customized as possible.

That’s why we want to present an alternative to the standard sidebar menu to stand out from your other Wix websites. This solution was born due to the creativity and resourcefulness of our team that didn’t need any coding, check it out on

Sidebar tutorial.gif

Create your own sidebar menu:

  1. Add columns to all of your homepage strips.

  2. Adjust the left column at 5%.

  3. Add your logo and vector to the menu.

  4. Lock the logo and menu’s vector, as follows: Right-click on both the elements and choose the “pin to screen” option.

5. Add a Lightbox

    5.1. Click Add      on the left side of the Editor.

    5.2. Click Lightboxes.

    5.3. Click "+ Add a Lightbox"


6. Select a Lightbox window that has a “lateral style” (like the one of the following image) and align it to the left from the “layouts” menu.


7.  Customize the color and sizes of the window according to your need, making sure that the left lateral sidebar matches the size of the previously created column on the website (the one with 5% space).

8. Create the menu using any element that you like customizing it however you want it to look.



REMEMBER: Every stripe of the page must have the same %% spaced left column so it gives the illusion of a whole line throughout the page.



If you have any questions or you just want us to do this wholesome menu idea for your site, don’t hesitate on

reaching up to us here: